[This was written when it seemed like vaccine passports were going to be a thing in hospitality, and lots of people in the industry started ranting on twitter about this crazy idea. That’ll teach me to be on twitter. This piece has aged about as well as my blog about how the BBC will never sack Jeremy Clarkson. Was that really 2011?]

This is the alternative simon nicholson website, an ‘evil twin’, if you will.

There are no Covid or vaccinne conspiricy theories here.

I am very pro-vaccines. They are the reason I have never had polio, tuberculosis or tetanus.

I am, however, against coersive measures aimed at bullying people into getting the vaccine. I believe people should make their own informed decison about vaccines. But informed doesn’t mean watching some loon on a YouTube anti-vax channel. Or reading twitter. Or this web page either! I’m not qualified to give you advice on anything whatsoever.

That said, get the vaccine. It protects you, and other people.

Pro-vax, Anti-vax-passport. It’s a thing.

This is a perfectly legitimate view to take

However, the idea of having to show my papers to go and have a quick a pint makes me livid. Vaccine passports have got nothing whatever to do with public health, the government is lying. They do not give a fuck about you or anyone else unless you are one of their rich donors.

This is about control.

Devisive, descriminatory, probably illegal and in any case, vaccine passports are useless.

It appears that you can still catch, and transmit, the delta variant of Covid-19 even if you have been doubly vaccinated. But that is still not a reason not to get one.

Is this what we want in hospitality in the UK?

#NoVaccinePassports in hospitality.